Be the Good

Today’s Mental Performance Strategy is inspired by my town. “One of the best small towns ever, Glenrock, Wyoming.”  ~ Heart Of A Champion

My little town is practicing social distancing but there is no shortage of Big Howdy Neighbor Waves, Genuine Smiles, and folks asking, “How’s your family doing?” The grocery stores shelves are not completely stocked but everyone is respectful of everyone’s needs and purchase only what they need. The school district is providing FREE school lunches, for pick up, to all students. My eyes get a little teary when I think about how grateful I am for my little town.

In my book, Heart Of A Champion, I quote Albert Einstein; “Adversity introduces a man to himself.”

I look at the current COVID19 pandemic as an opportunity for each of us. It is an opportunity to close the gap from the person we are right now into the person we want to become….the best version of ourselves.  Becoming the best version of ourselves is a lifelong process that we will never fully reach. It is an opportunity to close the gap between who we are currently and who we are capable of becoming. Each time we choose to use adversity as an opportunity it helps us become a better version of ourselves. This journey takes time, one step at a time, one day at a time, moment to moment.

I want to encourage you to use the COVID19 pandemic as an opportunity to practice.

You may be asking the question, “What am I practicing?”

Here’s the deal, I want to encourage you to grow through this time. I want you to challenge yourself. When this is over; be someone you have never been before….be braver, be stronger, be more courageous, be more confident.

Here is a short list of COVID19 pandemic situations I believe we all can use as an opportunity to practice as we close the gap. The gap between who we are currently and who we want to be when the current COVID19 pandemic ends.

  • When visiting with someone who is down and out, choose to practice being ENCOURAGING and SUPPORTIVE.
  • When your mind takes you down the easy road of negativity, worry, doubt, choose to practice POSITIVITY and PRESENT MOMENT FOCUS. Focusing on the things you can control, and, on the things, you want to have happen.
  • When unable to do the things, you want to do or not getting the results you desire, choose to practice DELAYED GRATIFICATION.
  • As our community and World is regrouping, when things don’t happen on your timeline, choose to practice PATIENCE.
  • As the lives of others are turned completely upside down, in our community and the World, choose to practice EMPATHY, MINDFUL COMPASSION, KINDNESS.
  • Even though you may be unable to engage in all your extra-curricular activities, choose to practice JOY. Find and experience different opportunities that bubble up immense joy, fulfillment and love. 
  • When not feeling energized, enthused, ready to dominate your day, choose to practice STAYING DISCIPLINED and ACTING DIFFERENTLY THAN HOW YOU FEEL. Bringing the JUICE, JACKED UP INTENSE CONTAGIOUS ENERGY, in all you do!!
  • Even though some people and news programming may have a negative perspective of this situation, choose to practice keeping a POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE. 

These are a few ways we all can practice during the COVID19 pandemic. I want to encourage you to step up and step into the best version of yourself during this opportunity.

Keep Looking for the Good. Keep Finding the Good. Keep Being the Good.

Make Today Count!!
I Believe in You!!

❤️ Donene