My Vocabulary Lesson

Today’s mental performance strategy is inspired by Chester.  In 2014, Chester was experiencing some soreness throughout his body, so I took him to a veterinarian.  As she was examining Chester and developing a treatment plan, she said, “Your little horse sure has a lot of metal.”  I smiled and nodded, but I thought it was interesting she said Chester had “metal.” I figured she meant he was in great physical condition.

Later, at home, I was still curious about why the vet used the word “metal.”  Was there a definition of “metal” I didn’t know?  I Googled “M-e-t-a-l” and was reassured that the dictionary’s definition had not changed.  However, continuing down the Google “trail,” I soon encountered the word “mettle.” Pronounced the same as the word “metal,” this word had a completely different meaning.  

The definitions listed for “mettle” included words like “determination, courage, grit, and spirit” among others.  This certainly fit Chester to a “tee.”  Doc had hit the nail squarely on the head.  I also realized I have some “mettle” inside of me as well.  I decided to write about this story in my book, Heart of a Champion.

Even former President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Life brings sorrows and joys alike.  It is what a man does with them—not what they do to him—this is the true test of his mettle.”

Having “mettle” is one of the cornerstones that help us develop mental toughness.  I believe mettle comes from our heart, mind and spirit.  One characteristic of having mettle is being willing, eager and courageous to do whatever it takes in a given situation, no matter what the challenge or hardship.

We all have mettle inside of us.  Sometimes, though, we are guilty of blocking that determination of spirit.  The Covid-19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to practice and develop mettle.  Here is my challenge to you.  Unleash your mettle!  The world really needs your mettle right now.

Make today count and keep uplifting others.  I believe in you!

<3 Donene


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