Kayla (Nelson) Spickelmier


I have had the privilege to work one on one with Donene, along with taking her “Close the Gap” mental toughness workshop. I love the authenticity she shares from her own personal experiences, her struggles, the highs and lows and everything in between; from her own past and current mental toughness journey.  I was able to really connect and create a relationship with her as I can relate to many of the experiences she shared at the workshop.

 I absolutely love the “Master the Art of Winning” workbook and am currently working on implementing many of the strategies that she shares in the book, especially the post performance routine.  This is a new aspect of mental toughness that I am excited to dive into, create and apply to my own performance in the arena.

Donene’s approach to teaching and explaining the mental toughness material is dynamic in that she uses many different ways for you to process the information, such as visuals, videos, worksheets, experiments and more.  These approaches gave me a whole new insight on different ways to teaching mental toughness to students at my own clinics.

The wisdom and knowledge that Donene shares is not only incredibly valuable to me as an athlete in the arena but also as a wife, mother, friend, instructor and small business owner. Much of what she teaches can be applied to everyday life situations, helping to make my mindset, my attitude and my perspective better each and every day.

Kayla (Nelson) Spickelmier

2x Collegiate National Finals Goat Tying Champion and Ty Tuff Goat Tying Instructor –Kayla Nelson Spickelmier