Brandy Casey


The world of rodeo is evolving more so than ever and these competitors are getting way more opportunities at a much younger age!  These kids are extremely talented – but if their mental game isn’t on point they can be as talented as they come – and not be successful.


We are blessed to have a dear friend who has helped Kyanne from a competitive performance standpoint, and that has been amazing – but we were still missing an important piece. We reached out to  Donene Taylor to help with the mental end of things – I will tell you this was a game changer for our 12 year old daughter!  She is a 6 event cowgirl and  her days at the rodeo are FULL from one event to another in a very short time frame.  Since having Donene with us in April for a workshop Kyanne has been more focused and determined than ever before.  Both ladies have given Kyanne the tools she needs to fill her tool box and be successful.  It was Kyannes job to reach in and use those tools that she has been given.  She did just that by successfully finishing the year as the Champion Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, Team Roping, Ribbon Roping and All Around Cowgirl.  She could not have accomplished this without being on top of her mental game.  Donene Taylor is a GAME CHANGER – if you want to be at the top of your mental performance.  She has “all of the things” as she says for these athletes to be successful. Drills, worksheets, etc – you name it she has what it takes to help create a strong mental state!

From a parent view – my husband and I both attended the workshop  and by doing so, we have been able to help Kyanne stay at the top of her mental game by using the different perspectives and drills that Donene shared.