Why You Need a Coach

Why You Need a Coach

A good coach gives you an edge in performing your best, when it matters the most. Learn more about why you need a coach below.

Olympians Have Coaches

Since I was a young girl, in the 70s, I have looked forward to watching the Olympics. There are over 10,000 Olympians who compete, and for me, the best part is watching the opening ceremony. It is inspiring, intriguing, and I am locked-in to the magnitude of the event. Representing over 200 nations, each athlete brings their unique background and story of how they made it to the Olympics. The one thing each Olympian has in common, and the one thing each one needs to GET to the Olympics is a COACH.

Get an Edge In Performance

Coaches contribute significantly to the skill development needed to become the best. Their wisdom, knowledge, and experience take you places you would have never gone. Plus, their encouragement and support are invaluable. They are notorious for making you comfortable being Uncomfortable, but that’s how you grow as an athlete. A good coach gives you an edge in performing your best, when it matters the most.

Change Your Mindset

For a long time, as I was attempting to rundown my World Championship, I did not understand the extreme value coaches would provide. As I write in my book, Heart of a Champion, “Once I began changing my mindset, everything began to change.”

I wasted a lot of time, on my own, riding the Emotional Roller Coaster and traveling the Insanity Loop. I worked hard, but not very smart. More times than not, I was living in a state of frustration, anxiety, anger, and sadness. When I decided to let go of my old ways, I began working with coaches who helped me close the gap from where I was at the time to where I wanted to go. Think about it. If Olympians need a coach, and I need a coach, YOU may need a coach, too.

Bold Goals

As I worked, and continue to work, with some of the best coaches and nicest human beings on the planet, I was inspired to run down one of my Bold Goals of becoming a Mental Performance Coach. As a Mental Performance Coach, my mission is to Impact, Empower, Inspire and Educate others to become the best version of themselves, in all arenas of life.


How do the “Best in the World” get to be the BEST? They do the basics the best. Once they master the basics, they remaster the basics, over and over again. They are open-minded, creative, innovative, and they are life-long learners. Their objective is to Be the Best at Getting Better. This includes training their Mental Performance.

When you train your skills properly in the arena, you WILL get better in the arena. When you work on your mental game, AND train your skills in the arena, you become a double threat and become UNSTOPPABLE.


You may have heard someone speak of “rising to the occasion.” When performing in a situation where the competition is elite, or where there may be pressure, drama, distractions, or noise, “rising to the occasion” is NOT going to happen. Instead, you will sink to your levels of training and habits. That’s why I coach athletes how to be their best, through the worst of situations going on around them, reaffirming their training and habits.

Choose how you respond

Let’s be honest, at some point the “stuff” is going to hit the fan and your ability to bounce forward will be tested. These situations are an opportunity for my students to practice what they are learning. They begin to figure out they can compete ferociously with adversity, challenges and obstacles. Those things do not define them or determine the outcome. They get to choose how they will respond to the events.

Please know, you are not lacking anything. You have greatness inside of you, and it can show up in all you do. I help athletes tap into their greatness. You may just need to develop strategies, invest more time, give extra effort, or GOYA (Get Off Your Anatomy), before you begin to experience the results you are desiring.


I coach actionable, mental performance strategies that an athlete can implement immediately. I keep it super simple because simple is attainable. Simple is best. SIMPLE IS POWERFUL!

I bring new perspectives to the athlete’s situation and find solutions for what they are struggling with. I work with them to identify priorities, establish a workable plan, and provide them support in executing the plan, as they work toward their goals. I help them implement strategies that allow them to train their brain and master their minds. Mastery over the mind is key in success, both in and out of the arena.

This is why you need a coach

At this time, I have coached athletes from 11 years of age to 72 years of age. None of them was born naturally mentally tough. Mental toughness must be trained. It consists of doing what you need to do, regardless of your feelings. It’s the ability to –be able to experience the failures, learn from them, and still have the enthusiasm and grit to Bounce-Back-Up.

Mental Toughness is not developed by winning. It develops as you continue practicing, entering, showing up, and competing, even when you are NOT winning. It’s learning how to grow through adversity, challenges, setbacks, and mistakes. You are not mentally tough when the going is easy. You are mentally tough when the going gets tough.

Master the Art of Winning

I would love to help you develop your mental toughness and winning edge. Contact me to begin my ninety-day, one-on-one coaching program, Master the Art of Winning. We will work together to achieve your Bold Goals. For more information go to DoneneTaylor.com or find me on social media @DoneneTaylor.


These are some of the Mental Performance Strategies I coach athletes to master, and it raises them to a whole new level of competition.

  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Locked-In Present Moment Focus
  • Consistency In Performance
  • Positive Self-Talk & Thoughts
  • Developing Purposeful & Productive Practices
  • Performing With Pressure
  • Establishing Daily Habits & Training
  • Manage Distractions
  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Be Your Own Best Cheerleader With Productive, Positive, Self-Talk & Thoughts
  • Developing & Mastering Pre-Performance/Performance/Post-Performance Routines Developing Purposeful & Productive Practices
  • Performing With Pressure
  • Establishing Daily Habits & Training
  • Manage Distractions
  • Visualization/Imagery Meditation & Breathing Techniques
    Emotional Regulation Consistent Motivation
  • Optimize Your Energy
    Setting Goals & Getting Goals
  • Reverse Engineering Goals
  • Identifying Your Strengths & Needs Work
  • Responding Productively to Stress, Pressure, Anxiety, Fear, Doubt, & Negativity
  • Quickly Bounce-Back-Up After Challenges, Difficulties, Mistakes, Adversity

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