Your Confidence Resume

Your Confidence Resume

If you have not already done so, one day you will have an opportunity to write a resume.  That resume will be a document that introduces you to prospective schools, internships, sponsorships, or employers. Its purpose is to highlight your life experiences, including things such as your education/training, skills, and achievements. The goal of resume writing is to land an interview with those who can help you achieve the next step in what you are targeting. What is your confidence resume?

Every year, since 2012, I have invested time in the routine of writing a Confidence Resume. The time of year I write varies, and some years I have written more than one.

The Purpose of Your Confidence Resume

The purpose of writing a Confidence Resume is to showcase YOU–TO YOU!
Constructing the resume is very empowering because it highlights key experiences along the way, in your journey.  Being confident is an “inside” job.  Think about it as if you have a Confidence Fuel Tank. Just like filling your vehicle with fuel, before you leave for an event, you must also fill your Confidence Fuel Tank. Sure, compliments and results we are working toward, such as awards, titles, money, and recognition, help build confidence; however, those things are akin to the “regular-grade” fuel that goes inside your Confidence Fuel Tank.

“Regular-grade” (fuel) will get you down the road, but it will not get you all the way to where you want to go. “Regular-grade” will not give you the power you need to travel up the mountain of adversity or through the valley of fumbles, stumbles, challenges, struggles, and mistakes.

Your Confidence Fuel Tank

Each experience you include on your Confidence Resume will help fill your Confidence Fuel Tank with Premium, High-Octane Fuel. That premium fuel will provide the needed power for those mountains of adversity and valleys of despair. It will light the fire inside of you to bounce back quickly, navigate, and grow through those mountain and valley experiences. Premium, High-Octane Fuel in your Confidence Fuel Tank will power you toward your Bold Goals with consistent momentum.

Your life’s journey is a compilation of all your experiences. As I share in my book, Heart of a Champion, the journey of your life is the TRUE PRIZE.  Each experience, when carefully examined, reveals what you learned, how you grew, relationships you built, and who you have become, on your journey. Your Confidence Resume is a collection of ALL THE THINGS that have helped you become a better version of yourself.


To begin the Confidence Resume exercise, you will need paper, pen, a quiet space, and an open mind. The goal of this exercise is to reflect, identify, unpack, and write down experiences which have grown you during your journey. Completing the Confidence Resume allows you to revisit life-shaping experiences and fill up your tank!

Experiences to Include

Here is a sampling of the type of experiences that you may reflect on and list on your Confidence Resume.

  • Achieved a targeted goal
  • Experienced something for the first time
  • Asked for help
  • Learned and or mastered a new skill
  • Stepped outside your comfort zone
  • Walked through a fear door
  • Trusted your intuition
  • Said YES, before you had it all figured out
  • Bounced-back-up quickly after adversity
  • Challenges, struggles, adversity that you overcame and grew through
  • Took a risk
  • Helped someone along in their journey
  • Cultivated and nurtured relationships

The spirit in which you are doing this Confidence Resume is to CELEBRATE each and every one of the items you write down.

What Gets Rewarded Gets Repeated!

Here is why, What Gets Rewarded Gets Repeated!

The goal is to repeat more of these experiences because they each fill your confidence fuel tank with high octane fuel and provide you with optimal growth opportunities.

Celebrate your greatness

I want to encourage you to keep your Confidence Resume in a safe place and read it throughout the year. You may be taking for granted all of the courageous, challenging, fantastic, phenomenal, beautiful, and amazing things you do throughout your journey. I am encouraging you, cheering you on, to acknowledge and celebrate the greatness that is already inside of you.

Let’s get started

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