Primary Questions

PRIMARY QUESTIONS So my husband, Stan, and I were sitting on the couch the other night. I asked him, “What are some of the questions you used to consistently ask yourself when you were a young man?” Stan looks at me and smiles. Now, Stan and I have been married 25 years. I know when he smiles one of those … Read More


Conviction. This word can have a couple different meanings. It can mean being found guilty of a crime, especially by a judge or jury. It can also mean having a rock-solid belief, an indestructible trust. This article revolves around the latter. Here are some synonyms of the word conviction: confidence, faith, creed, reliance. In 2016, I began working with Brian … Read More

3 Steps of Performance Change

I’m going to say it. I know You have one. I know you have a Big Hairy Audacious Dream. Now, you might not be talking about it…. I get it. Sometimes, probably most of the time, our Big Hairy Audacious Dreams get a lot of feedback from others instead feedforward. However, in your mind, heart and soul… you have one!! … Read More

Your Success Plan For 2018

success plan for 2018

I have always loved this time of year… The New Year for me represents a clean slate, great expectations and limitless possibilities. I have been taking time to reflect on 2017 and working to get clarity going into 2018. As I was reflecting on my 2017 I realized how different it was compared to previous years. For 5 years, leading … Read More