Did You Take the Bait?

Did you take the bait? Addressing distractions

Did You Take the Bait? My husband, Stan, loves to fish, and he takes fishing very seriously. This means he is a life-long learner about fishing, and he is always looking for a way to level up his fishing game. Throughout the year, he receives many small, extremely light-weight packages in the mail. Inside them are different kinds of fishing … Read More

Your Confidence Resume

Your Confidence Resume

If you have not already done so, one day you will have an opportunity to write a resume.  That resume will be a document that introduces you to prospective schools, internships, sponsorships, or employers. Its purpose is to highlight your life experiences, including things such as your education/training, skills, and achievements. The goal of resume writing is to land an … Read More

The One Thing

The One Thing, Change your words, change your mindset

The one thing, change your words, change your mindset. What you say, how you say it, determines who you will become and what you do.

Pink Polyester Queen Suit

Today’s Mental Performance Strategy is inspired by a story that did not make it to the final edit of my book, Heart of a Champion.  It concerns chasing down and achieving BOLD GOALS–which takes courage. So, where does courage come from? The Latin root of the word “courage” is “heart.” It takes a lot of heart to get what you are striving for, especially … Read More

My Vocabulary Lesson

Find a way rather than an excuse

Today’s mental performance strategy is inspired by Chester.  In 2014, Chester was experiencing some soreness throughout his body, so I took him to a veterinarian.  As she was examining Chester and developing a treatment plan, she said, “Your little horse sure has a lot of metal.”  I smiled and nodded, but I thought it was interesting she said Chester had “metal.” I figured she … Read More

Today’s Mission, Target Your Self-Awareness During COVID-19

Self-awareness, why is it so important?  Let’s talk about how taking a long honest look at yourself can transform everything. Experience self-discovery as you read through the target rings of “I CAN. I WILL. I AM.” listed on this free printable (email me and I will send it to you).   The first step in performance change is gaining self-awareness. Asking yourself … Read More

Be the Good

Today’s Mental Performance Strategy is inspired by my town. “One of the best small towns ever, Glenrock, Wyoming.”  ~ Heart Of A Champion My little town is practicing social distancing but there is no shortage of Big Howdy Neighbor Waves, Genuine Smiles, and folks asking, “How’s your family doing?” The grocery stores shelves are not completely stocked but everyone is respectful … Read More

Focus is Power

By Donene Taylor, Author, Heart of a Champion Let me ask you ask you a few questions to help you gain awareness of your focus.  What are you thinking about during the day?  When tackling a task are you locked in, dialed in, only on the task in front of you?  Or, do you find your thoughts are scattered, quickly … Read More

If You Change Nothing…Nothing Changes

Did you know that most people quit on their New Year’s Resolutions by January 12th? Learn how keeping your commitment to your Bold Goals is the key to achieving them!