Jordan Jo Fabrizio

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“Donene was someone that I had watched alongside as a competitor about a decade ago. When I was about 18 I saw Donene compete at a WPRA Rodeo, and then the WPRA finals. I watched for the next few years, as she grew, and went from a contestant to a competitor. She became fearless, and fierce, winning her first Tie Down Roping World Championship. I always wondered what motivated her, what fueled her, and how she became a champion… in and out of the arena.

Fast forward ten years, our paths crossed again when I saw Donene on the Cowboy Channel talking about her new book. So Obviously I ordered and read it… wow it completely¬†undid me, and I felt like I was right there with her all the way through each page of the book. After finishing the book, I reached out to Donene, we had a great visit, and I told her I wanted what she had, I wanted to sharpen my mental and physical game, and that is just what she did.

Donene met me right where I was, and helped me to create a program that was suitable to me as a person and a competitor. She challenged me each and every day, she never let me have a pity party, she inspirited me to become more than I was allowing myself, and most of all to love myself. That perfection is not attainable, and that I can only control what I can control. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of deep conversations, and most of all I felt like I had a lion in my corner! She taught me a lot about myself, and how to be honest, and move forward. Life lessons that will have helped me get to where I am today in and out of the arena, and precious moments that I will cherish my lifetime.

The one thing that will never leave me is a simple question that she asked me, “Jordan, what do you want to be written on your headstone, said at your funeral?”

Honestly it made me think about life and to choose to live it up to the best of my abilities!”

I would recommend this experience to everyone, not only because it will help your mental game, to take you to a new level as a competitor, but because you owe it to yourself to have someone who truly cares about each person that she coaches, and who will help you find the best you that you can be! Unconditionally.”

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